Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney Buys Marvel Entertainment

The Walt Disney empire is to buy the superheroes stable Marvel Entertainment for $4bn (£2.5bn) in a star-studded Hollywood deal that unites family names such as Mickey Mouse with lucrative characters including Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk and the X-Men.
While Disney has traditionally been known for its wholesome family creations ranging from the Little Mermaid to Lion King, Hannah Montana and Pocahontas, the purchase of Marvel adds an edgier, more violent element – it recently scored a box office success with Iron Man, a movie starring Robert Downey Jr as a billionaire inventor who creates a hi-tech suit of armour to battle evil.

Marvel's characters, who include superhero Captain America, tend to chime particularly well with teenage boys and young men, while Disney has been stronger in appealing to a female audience.

Disney hopes to put Marvel's 5,000 characters to work on its television channels and in video games, theme parks and movies. The agreed takeover is for a mixture of cash and stock, with Disney shares accounting for roughly 40% of the buyout price.

The tie-up unites two companies with similar business models – they both take characters which capture the popular imagination and promote them vigorously around the world on every possible media platform and through third-party licensing deals.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

7 Simple Ways for Living Green

There are some simple changes which help for green living.

1. By reducing the garbage which we produce.

2. Change out incandescent bulbs for energy efficient, fluorescent ones.

3. Turn lights and fans off when leaving a room.

4. By reducing water usage and Install low-flow shower heads.

5. By carrying cloth bags and eliminate the need of plastic ones.

6. By Examine the packaging of the products you purchase and always purchase products whose packaging is recyclable.

7. By clearing out the chemicals, where the chemical labs are producing more chemicals which pollute the water. It is not much easy to prevent the chemicals but there are many safe effective alternative ingredients which come from other sustainable sources.

Living green really does not make any difference but it is a healthy choice for all of us. Small changes you can live with will have a greater impact in the long run. So it is a duty of us by living green and to keep the society green. Green controls the harmful gas producing by the industries. It gives oxygen and observes carbondioxide. Not only for the health; it also gives pleasant mind and reduces all tensions. It gives tension free mind for some time.

Making some simple, and non simple, changes in your place that is house, work place, and other places where we live can help the environment and slow down global warming. It makes much difference if we spend a little time every week. Sphere: Related Content

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy Laid to Rest

The Arlington National Cemetery gravesite of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy opened to the public at 8 a.m. Sunday, a little less than 12 hours after he was buried.

On the 25th August 2009 the whole of the United States was in great remorse as a United States Senator for Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy, past away. He was diagonsed with a brain tumor in 2008 and died while at home. See the Kennedy Funeral Live.

The Kennedy family are famous for being political figures and have also all seen unlucky ends. Ted Kennedy was younger brother of United States Senator Robert F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy both of which were assissnated. He is also the father of Patrick J. Kennedy a young congressmen in his 30's.

As a United States Senator Ted Kennedy played a major role in the passing of many U.S. laws including those on various subjects such as; immigration, mental health, health insurance, cancer research, the apartheid, disability discrimination, children's healthcare rights, AIDS and education.

During his career in the United States government he was elected as senator a grandé total of nine times. His god father was is older brother John. F Kennedy who also wanted to name him George Washington Kennedy as he was born on the 200th birthday of George Washington, however his parents refused. He attended Harvard College and while he was there played on the Freshman football team.

In 1969 Ted Kennedy got into a rather sticky situation in an indcident known as the "Chippaquiddick accident". A party was being held on Chippaquiddick Island and Ted left with a women known as Mary Jo. He drove the car off a bridge by accident and Mary Jo died.

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Los Angeles Fire Update

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Three people hurt in a growing wildfire in California were burned because they "did not listen" to orders to evacuate, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Sunday after declaring a state of emergency.

"I want to urge everyone living near any of the fires, please, listen and follow evacuation orders from local officials. They will not tell you to evacuate if it's not necessary," he said.

"Listen carefully -- there were again people that did not listen and people that got burned and really badly injured because they did not listen."

Mandatory evacuations were ordered for 6,600 homes threatened by the Station fire, he said. Since it began Wednesday in the Angeles National Forest and La Canada Flintridge area, the blaze has burned 35,200 acres and the U.S. Forest Service has reported a evacuation list of 10,000 homes.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boston Market BOGO Coupon

Boston Market offers a Buy One Meal Get One Free deal with this Printable Coupon which may be used through Aug 27, 2009.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

JetBlue Airways Offer "All You-Can-Fly"

JetBlue Airways Corp. is offering an "all-you-can-fly" pass where passengers can book an unlimited amount of flights over a month for $599.

The airline said Wednesday that pass holders will be able to fly to any of JetBlue's 56 destinations between Sept. 8 and Oct. 8.

  • Customers must book the pass by Aug. 21.

  • Pass holders can book travel within three days before a desired departure date. Taxes are not included in the deal, and a $100 change or cancellation fee applies.

  • "No shows" for flights will incur a $100 fee, and the pass will be suspended until the fee is paid.

  • JetBlue's frequent fliers will get 35 TrueBlue points for buying the pass.

  • In addition to the 56 cities JetBlue serves in the U.S., Mexico, South America and the Caribbean, the discount carrier will add service to Baltimore on Sept. 9 and to Barbados on October 1.

  • As always please double check fine print.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

What You Need To Know Before Getting Your First Puppy

Your beautiful child loves animals and all of your neighbors have pets, so how about a cute little puppy? That is a wonderful gift for your darling daughter. You probably couldn’t make her happier any other way. But wait a moment, if you are buying or adopting a pet for the first time, there are a few things that you need to know before you actually set out to buy it.

1) You need to give it time: Keeping a puppy is like having a small baby in your house. It needs tender loving care and constant observation until it grows a little older. And yes, you also need to play and entertain them all day. If you can’t, you may choose to get two puppies to entertain each other or use the services of day care centers for your pup.

2) Dogs need training: In order to train dogs and puppies, you first need to train yourself on how to train them! Unlike cats, which can be left on their own, dogs are dependent on you. You have to interact with them and give them proper behavioral training.

Once you have learned the techniques of training your dog, you may also train your kids on how to interact with the pet and train them. After all, your kids are the ones who will spend most of the time with them, walking the dog every evening and playing with it in the backyard.

3) Be prepared to spend money: Relax a little: it’s not that much money. But yes, you need to see if that little puppy fits into your budget. You may have several expenses, especially when you get the puppy home. It will need a dog house if you plan on leaving him outdoors for extended periods, toys, registration, vet fees and shots, expenses for training it, and maybe even clothes!

Dog can be among the costliest pets and can cost you nearly as much as any other family member would. So don’t get into the dog buying business without considering the cost factor.

4) Your little puppy will grow into an adult dog. You already knew that? Great! But it is also important to know that keeping a dog into it’s adulthood may be a lot different than keeping it as a puppy. Your dog will grow fast and, depending on the breed, may soon outweigh your 6 year old child. Your cute little puppy will soon need a lot more food that it needs now!

5) Puppies need exercise: Puppies need exercise in the form of play. They can amuse themselves for short periods, but require interaction with people or other animals. Apart from toys, they also need another puppy or a person to play with them. Your children can’t be with them always, so if the idea of running with the pack, so to speak, doesn’t thrill you, you may opt for buying a breed that is less active.

If your dog is larger in size, it will need more exercise and you will have to take it for walk every evening when you come home after an exhausting day at work. So make sure that you include this activity in your schedule.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Google Chrome Themes Gallery

Google Chrome's themes gallery is now available and you can select one of the 28 themes if you install Google Chrome 3.0 Beta, Google Chrome 3.0 Developer Preview or if you have a recent Chromium build.

Installing a theme isn't a smooth process: you download a .crx file, then Google Chrome loads theme and offers the option to go back to the default theme. You can't preview themes before installing theme and there's no interface for managing themes. The only way to uninstall themes, extensions and to reload themes is by typingchrome://extensions/ in the address bar.

For now, the gallery only includes themes created by Google, but you'll be able to create your own theme and upload it to the gallery in the near future.
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Jack in the Box : Free Tacos

Jack In The Box free taco Tuesday is today. Jack In The Box free tacos will be given out to customers at all participating locations. The Jack In The Box free tacos will be given out as a way to lure customers into their stores, and as with most free food promotions like this, probably going to work quite well. The Jack In The Box free taco Tuesday takes place on Tuesday, August 4th, and will be running throughout the whole day. It's a great day to take advantage of the Jack In The Box free tacos promotion, and an interesting way to enjoy a tasty snack late at night.

Go here to get your free taco coupon (official site)
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President Obama Birthday Gift!

President Obama celebrated his birthday by bowling a 144, a huge leap from the horrific 37 he managed during this campaign stop in Altoona, Penn. last year.

Obama celebrated his birthday (it's Tuesday) at Camp David over the weekend in part by playing a little basketball and, yes, bowling. He threw three strikes and a 9 on his last four tries

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Top 10 Most Popular "Car for Clunkers " Cars

The 10 most popular cars bought using the Cash for Clunkers program. It seems Ford is the clear winner here since they get an unusual sales boost for their "popular" Ford Focus and Escape.

1. Ford Focus
2. Honda Civic
3. Toyota Corolla
4. Toyota Prius
5. Ford Escape
6. Toyota Camry
7. Dodge Caliber
8. Hyundai Elantra
9. Honda Fit
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Obama Joker Poster :Socialism

Just like out of the latest Batman movie, Joker poster suddenly pops up all over the city of Los Angeles and Atlanta. This time though we do know who's the Joker and it's President Obama! The culprit who does this will definitely get in trouble. If someone throws a shoes at the former President Bush get couple years of jail sentence, I wonder what kind of punishment the culprit will get by mocking the current president as "The Joker of Socialism"

Several posters of President Barack Obama as Joker, Heath Ledger-style, with the caption “Socialism” have been showing up in Los Angeles and most recently in Atlanta.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Google Attacks Microsoft with "Going Google" Campaign

Right after Microsoft declared a search engine advertising deal with Yahoo, Google decides to attack one of Microsoft by offering their own version Microsoft Office for free.

"The campaign, called “Going Google,” has a very clear target: Microsoft Office. A series of advertisements [disclosure: including on this blog] will begin touting how and why some 3,000 organizations are signing up to use Google apps each day. But the crown jewels of this campaign will be billboards on four major U.S. highways that will give a new message about Google apps everyday for a month.

The billboards will be placed on the 101 in San Francisco, the West Side Hwy in New York, the Ike in Chicago, and Mass Pike in Boston. Google says that the vinyl being used to create these new messages each day will be recycled or reused into either computer bags or shopping bags.

Google says that so far over 1.75 million businesses, schools and organizations have signed up to use the various combinations of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and the other Google apps. But that is of course a drop in the bucket compared to the number of companies that use Microsoft Office and its other enterprise solutions. Now, Google is clearly trying to be proactive in telling people why its solution is better before Office goes online in a big way with the 2010 version."

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Tax Increase under Obama Administration on the Horizon!

Two of Obama staffs can't deny the potential of a tax hike under the Obama administration. Although the US Recession officially ended last July, Obama administration still face tremendeous budget deficit after spending tremendous amount of money for economic stimulus and bail outs.

"WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's treasury secretary said Sunday he cannot rule out higher taxes to help tame an exploding budget deficit, and his chief economic adviser would not dismiss raising them on middle-class Americans as part of a health care overhaul.
As the White House sought to balance campaign rhetoric with governing, officials appeared willing to extend unemployment benefits. With former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan saying he is "pretty sure we've already seen the bottom" of the recession, Obama aides sought to defend the economic stimulus and calm a jittery public.
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council Director Larry Summers both sidestepped questions on Obama's intentions about taxes. Geithner said the White House was not ready to rule out a tax hike to lower the federal deficit; Summers said Obama's proposed health care overhaul needs funding from somewhere."

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Apple Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) pre-orders

While Apple hasn’t yet announced the final ship date of Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard, Amazon is taking pre-order
. For $29, you can get the upgrade, and Amazon will probably ship the orders so you get them on the day of the release (at least that’s what they’ve done in the past).

Some warnings, though: to use this Snow Leopard upgrade, you need to alreday have a copy of Leopard on your Mac. (I’m not sure yet whether it will simply look at the installed OS or ask you to insert a previous disc to verify.) Also, this is only good for Intel-based Macs, so if you have a PowerPC Mac, you’ve reached the end of the line.

If you have multiple Macs, get the Mac OS X Snow Leopard Family Pack (5-User)
, and if you’re running a version of Mac OS X prior to Leopard, you’ll need to go for the Mac Box Set, which, at $169, also contains iLife and iWork.

Apple has said they’ll be releasing Snow Leopard before the end of September, so if you want to be among the first to get a copy, order now. Sphere: Related Content