Thursday, October 8, 2009

iPhone 3.1.2 update for iPhone and iPod Touch

Today Apple has released the iPhone 3.1.2 update for iPhone and iPod Touch users. This update does not really add anything new, but it does fix important bugs so iPhone and iPod Touch users should update.

The iPhone 3.1.2 software update includes the following:
Resolves sporadic issue that may cause iPhone to not wake from sleep
Resolves intermittent issue that may interrupt cellular network services until restart
Fixes bug that could cause occasional crash during video streaming
How to update to iPhone 3.1.2
1. Connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your PC.
2. Launch the iTunes application and click the Check for updates button.
3. iTunes will show you the above window saying: “iTunes will update your iPhone to iPhone 3.1.2 software and will verify the update with Apple“. Click on the Update button.

iPhone 3.1.2 appears to be focused mainly on providing bug fixes for a few problems introduced in iPhone 3.1. Apple specifically calls out a problem where iPhones may not wake from sleep—it remains to be seen if this is the issue that some users had dubbed "coma mode". In addition, the update fixes an intermittent issue that could interfere with cellular network services and require a restart, and a bug that could cause a crash while streaming video.

Once you update to 3.1.2, you'll also be able to download a new carrier update, though what exactly that's for we don't know at this time.

The update weighs in at a hefty 306.2MB on my iPhone 3GS, and is also available for the iPhone 3G, the original iPhone, and the iPod touch. As always, it's available only via iTunes. Sphere: Related Content

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