Monday, August 3, 2009

Obama Joker Poster :Socialism

Just like out of the latest Batman movie, Joker poster suddenly pops up all over the city of Los Angeles and Atlanta. This time though we do know who's the Joker and it's President Obama! The culprit who does this will definitely get in trouble. If someone throws a shoes at the former President Bush get couple years of jail sentence, I wonder what kind of punishment the culprit will get by mocking the current president as "The Joker of Socialism"

Several posters of President Barack Obama as Joker, Heath Ledger-style, with the caption “Socialism” have been showing up in Los Angeles and most recently in Atlanta.

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  1. whew, how racist, how scary

  2. They won't get any punishment, because it's perfectly legal to be a racist jerk in the USA.

    Unfortunately, there is support from our culture for this too. It's called the Republican Party.

  3. If noone is taking responsibility for this, then there could be some psychological warfare going on here! WATCH OUT!