Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy Laid to Rest

The Arlington National Cemetery gravesite of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy opened to the public at 8 a.m. Sunday, a little less than 12 hours after he was buried.

On the 25th August 2009 the whole of the United States was in great remorse as a United States Senator for Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy, past away. He was diagonsed with a brain tumor in 2008 and died while at home. See the Kennedy Funeral Live.

The Kennedy family are famous for being political figures and have also all seen unlucky ends. Ted Kennedy was younger brother of United States Senator Robert F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy both of which were assissnated. He is also the father of Patrick J. Kennedy a young congressmen in his 30's.

As a United States Senator Ted Kennedy played a major role in the passing of many U.S. laws including those on various subjects such as; immigration, mental health, health insurance, cancer research, the apartheid, disability discrimination, children's healthcare rights, AIDS and education.

During his career in the United States government he was elected as senator a grandé total of nine times. His god father was is older brother John. F Kennedy who also wanted to name him George Washington Kennedy as he was born on the 200th birthday of George Washington, however his parents refused. He attended Harvard College and while he was there played on the Freshman football team.

In 1969 Ted Kennedy got into a rather sticky situation in an indcident known as the "Chippaquiddick accident". A party was being held on Chippaquiddick Island and Ted left with a women known as Mary Jo. He drove the car off a bridge by accident and Mary Jo died.

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